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1.    “Chakras in Human Body and Acupuncture Treatment (English)”
2.    “Acupuncture Improve Lymphatic  System (English)”
3.    “மனித உடலின் சக்தி சக்கரங்களும் அக்குபங்க்சர் மருத்துவமும்.”
4.    “அக்குபங்க்சர் பார்வையில் நிணநீர் மண்டலம்”.
5.    “நோய் நீக்கும் சக்தி முத்திரைகள்.”
6.    “நோய் நீக்கும் மருந்தில்லா மருத்துவம்.”
7.    8* Extraordinary Meridian A Practical Approach (English)
8.    135* Important Acupuncture Points (English)
9.    Disease Cure Without Medicine (English)
10.     135* முக்கிய அக்குபங்க்சர் புள்ளிகள்
11.     8* எக்ஸ்ட்ராடினரி மெரிடியன்கள் மருத்துவம்
12.     தண்டுவட இரகசியமும்-சிகிச்சையும்
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Acupuncture Students

NOName of the StudentsCurrent Profession of the StudentsAcupuncture Course DetailsYear of StudyPicture
1Dr. S.Nandhini.BDS.Dental DoctorDoctor of Medicine
Acupuncture (M.D)
2Mrs.Janaki Gopalan.B.Sc.Chief Manager Rtd. State Bank of IndiaMD(Acu)2014-15
4Mrs.M.V.Parimala Amudhan.MA.M.Phil.Dy.Headmistress Matriculation SchoolDiploma Acupuncture2014-15
5Mr. Rajendran.MBA.Marketing ManagerDiploma Acupuncture2014-15
6Mr.E.AthiyappanMarketing ManagerDiploma Acupuncture2014-15
7Mr.V.Sekar BA.BL.AdvocateDiploma Acupuncture2014-15
8Mr.K.Selvaraj Diploma in Pharmacy Technician. Diploma in Psychology Councelling.Health Asst. King Sahad University. Riyadh. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.MD(Acu)2015-16
9Mr.Gangeshwara PrabuManagerMD(Acu)2015-16
10Mr.M.RamanathanIndustrialistDiploma Acupuncture2015-16
11Mr.N.Senthilkumar.B.E.EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2015-16
12Mr.K.Sivagnanam.MAAsst. General Manager Rtd. State Bank of IndiaDiploma Acupuncture2015-16
13Mr.A.Kannan.B.Form.Chief Executive Pharmaceutical Co.,Diploma Acupuncture2015-16
14Mr.S.Rajasekaran.BSc.Manager Rtd. State Bank of IndiaDiploma Acupuncture2015-16
15Mr.A.Nallathambi Jesudoss.B.E.,Project Manager ITDiploma Acupuncture2015-16
16Mr.T.E.Sridevi.B.E.,Project Manager Wipro IT ConcernDiploma Acupuncture2015-16
17Mr.Sriram.MBA.,Naturopathy DoctorDiploma Acupuncture2015-16
18Mr.Vijay Parthiban.B.E.,EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2016-17
19Ms.R.Akshatha.BSc., (Electronic media)Visual Effects Artist EnterpreneurDiploma Acupuncture2016-17
20Mr.M.S.Balaji.B.E.,EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2016-17
21Mr.SathyanarayananOfficer State Govt.Diploma Acupuncture2016-17
22Mr.Thokappian.Teacher Govt.SchoolDiploma Acupuncture2016-17
23Mr.SubramanianAutomobile DriverDiploma Acupuncture2016-17
25Mrs.T.E.Sridevi.BE.,Project Manager Wipro IT ConcernMD(Acu)2016-17
26Mr.Prem JudeReflexology and Naturopathy DoctorMD(Acu)2016-17
27Mrs.Jayanthi Sriram. B.Sc.HospitalDiploma Acupunture2017-18
28Dr.K.Chinnaraju.ME.Ph.D.Associate Professor Anna UniversityDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
29Dr.P.Hariharan.ME.Ph.D.Associate Professor Anna UniversityDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
30Mr.C.Venkatesan.ME.(Ph.D.)Research Scholar Anna UniversityDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
31Dr.V.Vijayarajan,M.E.Ph.D.Associate Professor VIT University VelloreDiploma (Acupuncture)2017-18
32Dr.Ishrath Naz Ara. MSc.Ph.DDoctorMD Acupuncture2017-18
33V.Ashok.M.Acu.Marketing ExecutiveMD Acupuncture2017-18
34Dr.R.Murugesan.BE.M.Tech.Ph.D.Associate Professor Anna UniversityMD Acupuncture2017-18
35Dr.K.Chinnaraju.ME.Ph.D.Associate Professor Anna UniversityMD Acupuncture2017-18
36Dr.P.Hariharan.ME.Ph.D.Associate Professor Anna UniversityMD Acupuncture2017-18
37Mr.C.Venkatesan.ME.(Ph.D.)Research Scholar Anna UniversityMD Acupuncture2017-18
38Dr.V.Vijayarajan,M.E.Ph.D.Associate Professor VIT University VelloreMD Acupuncture2017-18
39Ms. R.Akshatha.BSc., (Electronic media)Visual Effects Artist EnterpreneurMD Acupuncture2017-18
40Mrs.Jayanthi SriramHospital staffMD Acupuncture2017-18
41Mrs.ThilagavathiIsha Yoga CentreDiploma Acupuncture2017-17
42Miss.T.Sangeetha. B.E.Software EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2017-17
43Dr.Amuklal Jayan.MA.MD(Acu)Rtd.Central Govt.Ph.D.2017-18
44Miss.S.MangayarkarasiEngineerMD Acupuncture2017-18
45Miss.T.Sangeetha.B.Com.C.SOfficerDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
46Mr.S.Vijaya Baskar.B.Tech.Software EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
47Mrs.Nalini Vijaya Baskar.B.Tech.Software EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
48Mr.C.Ravichandran.B.E.Software EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
49Mr.N.K.Amaran.B.Tech.Software EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
50Mrs.M.Parimala.B.Sc.House wifeHouse wife2017-18
51Mrs.V.Chitra.M.E.ProfessorDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
52Mr.M.S.SriramAcupuncture DoctorMD (Acupuncture)2017-18
53Mrs.Nalini Vijaya Baskar.B.Tech.Software EngineerMD (Acupuncture)2017-18
54Mr.S.Vijaya Baskar.B.Tech.Software EngineerMD (Acupuncture)2017-18
55Mrs.M.Parimala.B.Sc.House wifeMD (Acupuncture)2017-18
56Mrs.V.Chitra.M.E.ProfessorMD (Acupuncture)2017-18
57Mr.R.V.Punniakodi.MBA.-HRHR in Software co.MD (Acupuncture)2017-18
58Mr.Samuel George Vincent.B.ComOfficerDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
59Dr.A.K.Sheik Manzoor. MBA.ME.Ph.D.Professor Anna UniversityDiploma Acupuncture2017-18
60Mr.Samuel George Vincent.B.ComDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
61Mrs.S.Anandhi.House WifeDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
62Miss.S.Gayathri Devi.B.Sc.StudentDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
63Mr.S.Mohamed Thameem.B.ADiploma Acupuncture2018-19
64Mrs.C.Hemalatha.A.M.I.E.Software EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
65Mr.D.Rajan.B.Sc. NursingMedical CoderDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
66Mrs.A.Saraswathi.B.Sc.B.FormMedicalDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
67Mr.S.J.S.S.Kumar Padala.Ayurvedha StudentDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
68Mr.N.Sasikumar.A.M.I.E.Software EngineerDiploma Acupuncture2018-19
69Mr.R.Sankar.B.A.OfficerMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
70Miss.T.Sangeetha.B.Com.C.SOfficerMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
71Mrs.M.Manjuladevi.M.Sc.MD (Acupuncture)2018-19
72Mrs.M.Manjuladevi.M.Sc.MD (Acupuncture)2018-19
73Mr.N.K.Amaran.B.Tech.Software EngineerMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
74Mr.V.Sivakumar.MBA.MD (Acupuncture)2018-19
75Mrs.C.Hemalatha.A.M.I.E.Software EngineerMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
76Mr.D.Rajan.B.Sc. NursingMedical CoderMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
77Mrs.A.Saraswathi.B.Sc.B.FormMedicalMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
78Mr.S.J.S.S.Kumar PadalaAyurvedha StudentMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
79Mr.N.Sasikumar.A.M.I.E.Software EngineerMD (Acupuncture)2018-19
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<![CDATA[Home Remedy for Infertility and Impotency]]>Tue, 02 May 2017 23:43:14 GMThttp://guruaam.com/blog/home-remedy-for-infertility-and-impotency 1. Ashwagandha: It is also called Indian ginseng, is very helpful for women having difficulty conceiving. It promote proper functioning of the reproductive organs and give energy to uterus
Mix 1 tablespoon of ashwagandha powder in a glass of warm water or milk and drink it twice daily.

2. Pomegranate: It boosts fertility in women. It helps increase blood flow to the uterus and thickens the uterine lining to reduce the chance of miscarriage. Plus, it promotes healthy development of the fetus.
  •     Eat fresh pomegranate fruit or drink one glass pomegranate juice daily.

3. Cinnamon: It help with proper ovarian functioning  and cure PCOS disease one of the main causes of infertility.
  •    Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a cup of hot water. Drink it once daily for a few months
  •    Do not consume more than 2 tsp. per day.

4. Chasteberry: If infertility is due to a hormonal imbalance in the body, an effective remedy is chasteberry, also called vitex. This herb helps improve ovulation due to its high prolactin levels. Plus, it combats PCOS.

  •     Add 1 teaspoon of fresh or dried chasteberries to a cup of  boiling water. Cover, steep for 10 minutes and strain it. Drink this tea once daily for a few weeks or months.

5. Dates: Dates are rich in vitamins A, E and B as well as iron and other minerals and that are essential for a woman to conceive and to carry a child through a full-term pregnancy.
  • Eat 6 to 8 dates daily as a healthy snack and add chopped dates to milk, yogurt and smoothies.
6. Maca Root: Effective herb can treat infertility in both women and men is the maca root. This herb boosts normal hormone production.
  • Mix ¼ to ½ teaspoon of maca root powder in a cup of lukewarm water or milk. Drink it once daily for a few months.
7. Vitamin D
8. Banyan Tree Roots: The tender roots of the banyan tree are effective in treating female infertility.

  • Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of the Banyan Tree Root powder in a glass of milk. Drink it once daily on an empty stomach for three consecutive nights after your periods are over. Avoid eating anything for an hour after drinking it.   Do not use this remedy during your menstrual cycle.