This point is very useful in back pain, lumbago and knee stiffness in arthritis. Lower back pain is a common problem for which this is a panacea.

Location: Behind the knee joint, at the center of the crease line.

Acupressure Point: UB-40



Back pain is soo danger.. Thanks for this wonder full post..

05/24/2016 3:23am

The back pain is going fast due to the cause of disease. This will be the suitable various features for everyone. It deals with the new advancement for the every side. It is only for the main side as well. It will be only for the main streaming in our life.

05/28/2016 1:14pm

Every individual has a lot of pain in the back side. The individual should have to take the medicine for the fitness as well. This is only source for the correction of the other side as well.


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