This is the point balances the digestion power of the body. This point can prevent diabetes. It can also prevent aging and weakness. Energy point.Locally good for Arthritis.
Location: It is a hand's-breadth below the bottom of the kneecap, on the outer side of the calf, in the cavity between the shinbone and the leg muscle.                                         
Acupressure point-St 36



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The pure food always help to the maintain the body level and doctor suggest to eating the food according to health level. On the other hand, it requires a handful of investment in terms of money and brains. It will also take time before positive effects can be realized.


An alternate significant tactic toward dealing with the reason connected with low testosterone could be by using an herb referred to as tribulus terrestris.


We know there are lot of problems that we are affecting now a days. Incomplete digestion cause many diseases. And may lead to death. Good article. This is useful for the above causing people.

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There are lot of habitat diseases we have. It is all just because of our wrong life habit. We should change these. Change your attitude.


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