Sixth International conference on Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine 2013 , conducted by ATAMA (All Tamilnadu  Acupuncture and Alternative Medical Association, Tamilnadu, India.)  at Tirupur on 16th and 17th February 2013. More than 550 Doctors participated in the Conference. Delegates from other countries and states (Srilanka, Malasiya, Singapore, Karnataka, Andhra, Kerala, Mumbai) participated.
In the Scientific session, Dr. P. Sivagnanam. MD. (Acu) delivered lecture in the topic “Reflexology and its Speciality”.


01/27/2016 7:57am

The worth of knowledge is very powerful in this age. We have to very careful while choosing our studies for the sake of getting professional job in society.

01/31/2016 10:53am

Different knowledge is adopted according to the choice and interest. Some of them are very famous in all over the world while some have ordinary value in history.


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