Acupressure Face Massage/ Exercise : Point 2
Location:      Located on the medial end of each eyebrow.
Procedure: Press and knead for frontal headache, sore, tired eyes, sinus pain, and as a 
                              preventative against eye problems. 
                              Also refer "How to do face acupressure?"



This healthy exercise is valuable and precious. The physical activities are worth doing and promoting. The abilities and skills are of this type are understood by the experts and members of the concerned field.

11/14/2016 9:30am

A significant study was released this week by Carnegie Mellon University and published in the widely respected journal Science, and it's findings could have significant impact on how diet and exercise plans are managed. In the study, researchers found that by imagining the act of repeatedly eating a specific food before actually eating the foodstuff caused participants to eat less of the food. This new finding is already causing diet experts, researchers and marketers of weight loss and diet foods to rethink decades long assumptions regarding suppression of urges to eat what we want to eat.


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