•    Increases the elasticity of the spine, tones the spinal nerves and improves the functioning of the spinal cord.
•    Stretches the muscles on one side of the body whilst compressing the muscles on the other side.
•    Relieves back pain and stiffness from between the vertebrae.
•    Useful for slipped disc.
•    Massages the abdominal organs and increases the digestive juices making it useful for loss of appetite and constipation.
•    Useful for diabetics, with concentration on the pancreas.
•    Regulates the secretion of bile and adrenaline.
•    Relieves tension that may have built up in the back from forward and back bending asanas.
•    Opens the chest and increases the oxygen supply to the lungs.
•    Loosens the hip joints, relieving stiffness.
•    Releases tension in the arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.
•    Increases purification of the blood as well as the internal organs.
•    Improves round shoulders.
Therapeutic applications:
Diabetes / Constipation / Anorexia / Cervical Spondylitis / Indigestion / Urinary tract disorders / Menstrual disorders
Precautions and Contra-indications:
•    Should be avoided during pregnancy and menstruation due to the strong twist in the abdomen.
•    People with Heart, abdominal or brain surgeries should not practice this asana.
•    Care should be taken for those with peptic ulcer or hernia.
•    Those with severe spinal problems should avoid and those with mild slipped disc can benefit but in severe cases it should be avoided.
To begin with this asana may be held for only a short time but should gradually be built up to 2 minutes. After more practice it can be held for up to 5 minutes on each side.



Ardha Matsyendrasana is just an amazing thing to do. An ancient Indian technique that not only gives a perfect tone to whole body but also known to cure many genetic and dangerous diseases like Diabetes, Constipation, Anorexia and Cervical Spondylitis. Really loved the article though. Truly amazing.


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