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Steps for Balasana
1.    To start the asana first sit on knees with buttocks touching on your heels.
2.    Place your hand on thighs and palms down. Maintain the position of thighs as shown in the above image.
3.    While exhaling slowly bring your chest between your knees and swinging hands forward as shown in the above image.
4.    Breathe gently and hold the posture for 2 to 3 minutes.
5.    After this inhale slowly and  return to starting position.
6.    Repeat this asana for 5 to 10 times.

Benefits Of Balasana

1.    It helps release tension in the chest, back, and shoulders.
2.    This asana is highly recommended, especially if you have a bout of dizziness or fatigue during the day or during your workout.
3.    This asana helps to reduce stress and anxiety control diabetes due to stress.
4.    It helps to massage and flex the internal organs in the body, keeping them active and supple.
5.    This asana helps to stretch and lengthen the spine.
6.    If this asana is done with support on the head and the torso, it relieves pain in the lower back and neck.
7.    It helps to stretch the ankles, hips, and thighs.
8.    It promotes blood circulation all throughout the body.
9.    The tendons, muscles, and ligaments in the knee area are thoroughly stretched.
10.    It encourages the right way of breathing and calms both the body and the mind.


07/21/2016 4:24am

I have tried many asanas in yoga and I am doing yoga asanas daily. I love to learn new asanas in yoga and I am glad to find this blog. The posted Balasana is good and I will definitely try it. You have clearly explained about this asana very well and it is easy to understand.


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