Benefits of Vajrasana
1.    It helps in digestion and control diabetes.
2.    Sitting in this pose helps in reduction of the hips.
3.    It helps in getting rid of constipation.
4.    It helps to fight stomach disorder.
5.    A few minutes of Vajrasana and you can feel the mind calming. Thus helps you in relaxing.
6.    It helps in increasing the blood circulation in the body.
7.    Yoga always helps in weight loss. So does vajrasana!
8.    Vajrasana is the pose in which many asans are done. Some of them have been named in the beginning of this article.
9.    It helps in curing urinary problem.
10.    It helps in making the lower body flexible.
11.    It also helps in combating acidity.
12.    It helps in strengthening the sexual organs.
13.    It helps in toning of body muscles like the hips, thighs and the calf muscles.
14.    It helps in curing various body ailments like vericose veins and joint pains.
15.    This pose is a magic pose for people suffering from arthritis as it acts as a painkiller.


07/18/2016 3:18am

I do yoga in the morning and I tried many asanas in yoga. Among them I like Vajrasana very much. It is simple step to do and have more benefits. I keep it for half an hour time for vajrasana which relieves from all my tensions and gives strength to my muscles.

11/01/2016 8:10am

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