•    The spine should be rolled up so that it may seem to resemble a semi circular arch or wheel.
•    Straighten out your arms and legs as much as possible so that the hips and chest maybe pushed up.
•    Hold this pose for at least 15-30 seconds.
•    To go back to original, bend your elbows to lower your head and shoulders to the floor.
•    Then bend your knees and bring your spine and hips back to the ground and relax.

 Benefits of Chakrasana:-
•    Strengthens liver, pancreas and kidneys.
•    Excellent for heart.
•    Good for infertility, asthma and osteoporosis.
•    Strengthens arms, shoulders, hands, wrists and legs.
•    Stretches the chest and lungs
•    Strengthens the arms and wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen, and spine
•    Stimulates the thyroid and pituitary glands.
•    Increases energy and counteracts depression.
•    Do not try this Asana in case of back injury.
•    If you are suffering from heart problems, then don’t try this.
•    Headache, Diarrhea and carpal tunnel syndrome.
•    High or low blood pressure.
•    Do not perform this if suffering from any cardiac or spinal problems.
•    Avoid if suffering from hernia.


Chakrasana is difficult among all other asanas in yoga because the whole body is bend in opposite side. I was always failed to do this asana but your posted photos are really good and easy to do.

09/14/2016 8:26am

was quite happy with the information in these pages, is quite interesting and very bergunaka once for me personally


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