Benefits of Paschimottanasana:
  • While practicing this Paschimottanasana the intestines, gall bladder are smoothly pressed and stimulates well.
  • The soul energy of the body will be strengthening by spinal cord, spinal nerves are pulled during the time of asana.
  • It prevents diabetes. It increases the fertility factor of male removes the infertility.
  • Stomach pain, headache, piles, hip pain, back pain and body weakness are cured by doing this asana.
  • The menstrual problem will be cured for the ladies. Hip bones will become strengthen.
  • For women can do this asana before marriage can give birth from normal delivery by strengthening their bones and inner reproductive organs.
  • This asana helps to increase the concentration capacity.
The people should avoid this asana who had the operation in their stomach recently. They must get the proper advice from the yoga trainers after a particular time period. The pregnant ladies who is having experience by doing yoga can proceed this asana up to the sitting pose with the stretched hands beside their ears. They should not bend their body for touching the feet. The beginners who are in pregnant should not do this asana.



06/30/2016 2:02am

We can read here abut the benefits of the practice of Paschimottanasana. But there are some warnings also because that can be dangerous also if you practice it without experience.

10/20/2016 5:30am

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