Kumaran’s Health Centre     
Acupuncture Students

NO Name of the Students Current Profession of the Students Acupuncture Course Details Year of Study Picture
1 Dr. S.Nandhini.BDS. Dental Doctor Doctor of Medicine
Acupuncture (M.D)
2 Mrs.Janaki Gopalan.B.Sc. Chief Manager Rtd. State Bank of India MD(Acu) 2014-15
3 Mr.V.N.Amudhan.MA.B.L Advocate MD(Acu) 2014-15
4 Mrs.M.V.Parimala Amudhan.MA.M.Phil. Dy.Headmistress Matriculation School Diploma Acupuncture 2014-15
5 Mr. Rajendran.MBA. Marketing Manager Diploma Acupuncture 2014-15
6 Mr.E.Athiyappan Marketing Manager Diploma Acupuncture 2014-15
7 Mr.V.Sekar BA.BL. Advocate Diploma Acupuncture 2014-15
8 Mr.K.Selvaraj BE. Manager Saudi Arabia MD(Acu) 2015-16
9 Mr.Gangeshwara Prabu Manager MD(Acu) 2015-16
10 Mr.M.Ramanathan Industrialist Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
11 Mr.N.Senthilkumar.B.E. Engineer Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
12 Mr.K.Sivagnanam.MA Asst. General Manager Rtd. State Bank of India Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
13 Mr.A.Kannan.B.Form. Chief Executive Pharmaceutical Co., Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
14 Mr.S.Rajasekaran.BSc. Manager Rtd. State Bank of India Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
15 Mr.A.Nallathambi Jesudoss.B.E., Project Manager IT Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
16 Mr.T.E.Sridevi.B.E., Project Manager Wipro IT Concern Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
17 Mr.Sriram.MBA., Naturopathy Doctor Diploma Acupuncture 2015-16
18 Mr.Vijay Parthiban.B.E., Engineer Diploma Acupuncture 2016-17
19 Mrs.R.Akshatha.BBA., Marketing Executive Diploma Acupuncture 2016-17
20 Mr.M.S.Balaji.B.E., Engineer Diploma Acupuncture 2016-17
21 Mr.Sathyanarayanan Officer State Govt. Diploma Acupuncture 2016-17
22 Mr.Thokappian. Teacher Govt.School Diploma Acupuncture 2016-17
23 Mr.Subramanian Automobile Driver Diploma Acupuncture 2016-17
24 Mr.M.Ramanathan Industrialist MD(Acu) 2016-17
25 Mrs.T.E.Sridevi.BE., Project Manager Wipro IT Concern MD(Acu) 2016-17
26 Mr.Prem Jude Reflexology and Naturopathy Doctor MD(Acu) 2016-17


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